Best long distance running shoes

Lots of people think that it makes no sense to buy the professional running shoes, because they aren’t better than cheap, general use shoes.


Running shoes are called so because they were designed to provide the most comfortable running experience and to satisfy all the demands of the professional runners. They are more comfortable, they are made of the lightest materials, they have lots of cool features, (like stability control), and even that’s not all.

The main and the most important feature of the running shoes is that they provide you the pain-free running experience, and that’s extremely important. When it comes to health, there should be no compromise, whether you are a professional or an amateur runner. Agree?

So now that you know that there are reasons why the running shoes are called this way, it’s time to pay your attention to one of the subcategories of these shoes – long distance running shoes. Not only do they have to be durable, but also comfortable enough so the runner could make it to the finish line without the desire to kill the all of the workers of the company that made sneakers. We’re kidding, of course, but the truth is, knowing what are the best long distance running shoes can save your nerves and help to achieve great results.

Then check out our list of the best running shoes for long distance. We’ve found the most popular, the best looking, the best rated and simply the best shoes for running long distance. We’ve checked hundreds of customer reviews and feedbacks. We are now finally ready to present this list to you.

Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo


Nike is one of the most popular brands in the world, but some runners avoid the Nike distance running shoes. The reason is quite obvious: the pricing. Their shoes usually cost more than the shoes of the competitors (except Asics shoes maybe), but if you are ready to spend more in order to get more, than you shouldn’t ignore Nike.

This particular model, Zoom Pegasus Turbo, is not as expensive as their flagship, Zoom VaporFly 4%. However, it isn’t any worse, especially when it comes to marathon and half marathon distances. Comfortable, fast, lightweight — Pegasus Turbo looks like a perfect upgrade of the standard Pegasus 35.


  • Lightweight, even in comparison with other Nike running shoes (weigh 2 oz less than Pegasus 35).
  • Perform outstandingly. 85% energy return, even without that carbon fiber plate installed in Vaporfly 4%.
  • ZoomX foam, like in more expensive running models. Innovations are great, aren’t they?
  • Perfect for wide feet, according to the reviews.
  • They look great. Both the models for men and for women look modern and recognizable.


  •  Price. Despite Pegasus Turbo aren’t as expensive as some other Nike models, they’re still the most expensive shoes in this list.
  • Not the best construction quality. Some runners say that the sole has separated from shoe in a month or so.

Brooks Ghost 11

brooks ghost

The next shoes in our list of top 5 long distance running shoes are made by Brooks. They are one of the best running shoes for marathon, and they are perfect for both outdoor and road running. Ghost 11 model is an upgrade of their well-known Ghost 10 masterpiece, so the expectations were quite high, as you can imagine — and these shoes meet all of them.


  • Cushioning is perfect. These running sneakers provide amazing cushion, they are very soft (but not too soft) and extremely comfortable.
  • Breathable upper. A ventilated mesh allows the heat to get out, which means your feet won’t get too warm.
  • DNA LOFT foam technology. The latest innovation that provides very soft landings.
  • New design. We believe that Ghosts 11 look better and more fresh than 10s, and yeah, it’s important, too.
  • Price. Not the best price, of course, but 11s are still cheaper than lots of shoes of similar quality.


  • Narrow upper. Not the best shoes for long distance running if you have wide feet.
  • High heel to toe drop (12mm). It may not be a problem for you, but still, try them on before buying them.

ASICS GEL-Kayano 25

asics gel kayano

GEL-Kayano line by ASICS isn’t as popular as Ghost and Pegasus lines, that’s right. However, “not so popular” doesn’t always mean “worse” — and the latest model, GEL-Kayano 25, proves that ASICS is still on top. They may be not the best of the best marathon running shoes, but they are certainly in the top five.


  • Perfect for overpronators. We added all the types of running shoes here, but if you have a flat feet, you should try ASICS. You’ll be surprised with their amazing Duomax technology (inside support).
  • Breathability and comfort. FluidFit technology used by ASICS is one of the best choices on the market. It increases the comfort level and provides a comfortable fit.
  • Versatility. We don’t mean that they are perfect for cross country running, but they can easily be used as shoes for gym and walks.
  • More cushioning, compared with the previous models. A very good choice for long distances.
  • Durability. According to the feedbacks, they can easily last for several seasons, even if you are not a road runner.


  • Weight. Running shoes usually weigh between 8 and 10 oz, while Kayano 25 weight is 12 ounces. Not the biggest problem, but take it into account if you’re looking for extralight shoes.
  • Price. Not the highest here, but comparable to Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo.
  • Style. Function over fashion, right, but as we’ve already said, it’s still important. They aren’t ugly, of course, but they are definitely not the best when we’re talking about the style.

New Balance 990v4

990s are here since 1982 and it doesn’t look like New Balance is going to end this story. You can love NB or hate it, but you can’t deny that they make great shoes — and their long distance running shoes are not an exception. We are talking about the latest 990v4 model — it’s the best NB model for the long distance runners.


  • Design. If you need a traditional, classic look, then look no further. They look exactly like the best long distance running shoes. Womens models look great, too!
  • ENCAP technology. In short words, it provides max durability and support.
  • Shock absorption is perfect. These shoes reduce injury and make running more comfortable.


  • Price.
  • Problems with sizing. We recommend doing the same as with Brooks Ghost 11 — trying them on before buying.

Adidas Supernova Glide Boost 8


What are the best long distance running shoes? Adidas, of course. That’s the most common answer to this question, and for a good reason — but here we won’t talk about the flagships. Instead, let’s look at their not-so-expensive, yet very good model for long distance running. It’s called Supernova Glide Boost 8 — and it’s surprisingly good.


  • Price!!! It’s the most affordable model in this list, 2 times cheaper than all the other shoes here.
  • Soft landing, smooth and comfortable running. Boost cushioning technology makes its best.
  • Foam platform is very comfortable, too. Soft, durable and with memory.
  • Ventilation of the foot.


  • Narrow. Some people say that Glide Boost 8 are not the best for wide feet.